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What We Are Playing Today: ‘The Last of Us’

Anyone remotely interested in video games will be familiar with “The Last of Us,” an action-adventure survival series that is more than just a game, it is a life experience. The story follows two people, Joel and Ellie, in a post-apocalyptic world where a disease has turned much of the human population into a new variation of zombies. Joel, who has become a hardened fighter after years of battling for his life, bumps into Ellie when asked to deliver some cargo which turns out to be the young girl. From there begins their amazing journey, full of unexpected twists and turns. As time goes by, players of the game witness the characters warming to each other as it becomes less of an adventure and more of an emotional experience. Joel softens to Ellie, while she hardens up to the harsh world, learning to use a gun and how to fight the “Clickers” (the zombies). The game is extremely realistic, with stunning but also haunting landscapes peppered with run-down houses, abandoned cars, and o..

What We Are Reading Today: Gender and Our Brains by Gina...

Neuroscientist Gina Rippon painstakingly refutes in this exhaustive study long-held beliefs about gender’s role in the development and functioning of the brain. The book is, at the core, concerned with the question of whether male and female brains are different. Rippon, a British professor of cognitive neuroimaging, reviews the history of studies of the gendered brain. “We have to pay more attention to how our experiences drive our brain architecture. It’s a bit like trees that grow on windy plains. Their biological drivers make them grow upward, but the winds make them twist or grow branches on only one side,” she said in recent comments published in time.com. Much of Gender and Our Brains is written for the scientifically savvy reader. “It’s a reminder that gender messaging is never a nonissue. It helps sell products, supports power structures and, for better and worse, tells boys and girls what the human tribe expects of them,” said Karen Sandstrom in a review published in ..

Neymar-Barca saga spills from courtship to courtroom drama

BARCELONA: After a summer of courtship, with Barcelona wooing Neymar to come back, the Brazilian star and his former club have finally agreed a date — but in court rather than on the pitch. Both sides will meet at a court in the Barcelona suburbs on Friday for a multimillion-euro legal battle over a contract dispute. Although a court spokesman said the 27-year-old superstar was obliged to show up in person, it was not immediately clear whether he would actually attend. Barca initially sued Neymar for breach of contract after his shock transfer to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, less than a year after signing a new five-year deal with the Catalan giants. Worth €222 million ($250 million at the time), the transfer remains the highest sum ever paid for a player. Barcelona are demanding €8.5 million in damages plus interest, and have refused to pay Neymar the €26 million which was part of his contract renewal bonus signed in 2016. The Brazilian responded by filing suit against the club ..

England thrash 14-man US at World Cup

KOBE: England made it two wins from two at the Rugby World Cup as they scored seven tries during a 45-7 rout of the US in Kobe on Thursday that saw the Eagles receive the first red card of the tournament. First-half tries from stand-in captain George Ford, Billy Vunipola and Luke Cowan-Dickie gave England a 19-0 lead at the break before Joe Cokanasiga secured the bonus point early in the second half. Ruaridh McConnochie and Lewis Ludlam then scored their maiden Test tries before Eagles flanker John Quill was sent off 10 minutes from time for an illegal shoulder charge on replacement back Owen Farrell. There was still time for Cokanasiga to grab his second try and England’s seventh before Bryce Campbell ensured the USA avoided the embarrassment of being “nilled” with a try after 80 minutes were up. England, the 2003 world champions, made 10 changes to the side that beat Tonga 35-3 in their Pool C opener in Sapporo last weekend for what was the USA’s first match of this tournament. ..

“Why are you fasting and dieting? You’re SKINNY!”

•“Why are you fasting and dieting? You’re SKINNY!” Close•Posted byu/CeCesReesesPieces90lbs lost | SW: 230lbs | CW: 140lbs | GW: 135lbs13 minutes ago“Why are you fasting and dieting? You’re SKINNY!” I’ve gotten this inquiry several times in the last few months. For brief context, I am 18F/5’3, my start weight was 230 pounds. I’m roughly 140 pounds now, depending on my fluctuation and time of the month. Finally hit a normal BMI a couple weeks ago when I walked/ran 20 miles in a week. I accomplished this in 13 months of doing intermittent fasting and “dieting.” However, I don’t like calling it a diet, because I feel like diets are short-term solutions to a long-term problem therefore they do not work. I like to call it a lifestyle change, because in order to keep this body, I have to do this forever. What I eat is just what I eat; it’s not a fad or popular/trendy diet. It’s not keto or low-carb or any other specific type of diet. I eat pretty much the same things every day and stay in a 1..

The Big 4 – 0 Plateau

People are finally noticing my weight loss!

•People are finally noticing my weight loss! Close•Posted byu/ashfontNew1 hour agoPeople are finally noticing my weight loss! At my heaviest I was 165LB (5'1" F). The turning point was a doctor who told me I needed to stop eating Papa John's every day. I was going through some health issues at the time, and that response felt totally unnecessary and irrelevant to the reason I was there (allergies/hives), but also pissed me off enough to better myself. I dropped to 150LB over the course of the year, but fell off the wagon for a bit. After feeling winded climbing two flights of stairs daily, I decided it was time to get back to it. Since June I've lost another 16LBs (only about another 14LB to hit my goal!). Over the last week I've not been as active or eating as well due to stress, as I lost my cat recently, but I've been slowly getting back to normal and have maintained my weight throughout. Yesterday a co-worker told me I was looking good and asked about my li..

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pin This Jump to Recipe-We love to grill and try to grill year round. But living in N.E. Ohio we have found there are a couple of months that even the die hard grillers like us find it hard to get up the courage to go outside and grill. With Sumner coming to an end, we had to make BBQ Chicken. I think BBQ is a summer dish. Usually when we grill in the winter we do things like smoking our Thanksgiving Turkey or having a nice steak. So making one last summer BBQ Chicken to watch during the Ohio State Buckeyes game (Go BUCKS!!!) was a lot of fun. I’m not sure what we were thinking but we made a ton of BBQ chicken thighs and legs. Since we had so much chicken left over we decided to make a BBQ Chicken Pizza for the Browns game. Not wanting to go to the store, we had to use what we had on hand in the pantry/refrigerator. Fortunately for us, we had a refrigerator pizza crust, some Sharp White Cheddar cheese, and, what we think was the star of the pizza, the secret ingredient . . .Ricotta che..

October Ballet for Smile Spot Fans

IN THE MOOD to dance? Candance Studio is offering a free month of ballet lessons for Smile Spot patients and fans. To get the October trial for your little one, simply call the number on this flyer and mention The Smile Spot. Happy dancing!

La Roche-Posay Launches Effaclar Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment

If you keep up with beauty news, you know that La Roche-Posay is an industry leader in advancing skin-care technology. Here's proof: In the past year and a half alone, the brand has furthered its foray into skin-care tech with My Skin Track/UV, a wearable UV tracker launched in partnership with Apple, and My Skin Track pH, a wearable sensor that monitors skin pH levels (which has yet to make its way to consumers). Next up on the docket is My Skin Track PoreScan, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze the skin and recommend a personalized regimen. Additionally, and just as newsworthy, La Roche-Posay recently launched a product called Effaclar Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment, which contains adapalene, a prescription-strength retinoid that, in the past, has only been available through a doctor or via another brand (Differin Gel 0.1% and, most recently, AcneFree Adapalene Gel 0.1%). For reference, prescription-strength adapalene was approved for over-the-counter sale by the F..
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