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Day 1? Starting your weight loss journey on Monday, 23 September 2019? Start here!


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Today is your Day 1?

Welcome to r/Loseit!

So you aren’t sure of how to start? Don’t worry! “How do I get started?” is our most asked question. r/Loseit has helped our users lose over 1,000,000 recorded pounds and these are the steps that we’ve found most useful for getting started.

Why you’re overweight

Our bodies are amazing (yes, yours too!). In order to survive before supermarkets, we had to be able to store energy to get us through lean times, we store this energy as adipose fat tissue. If you put more energy into your body than it needs, it stores it, for (potential) later use. When you put in less than it needs, it uses the stored energy. The more energy you have stored, the more overweight you are. The trick is to get your body to use the stored energy, which can only be done if you give it less energy than it needs, consistently.

Before You Start

The very first step is calculating your calorie needs. You can do that HERE. This will give you an approximation of your calorie needs for the day. The next step is to figure how quickly you want to lose the fat. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. So to lose 1 pound of fat per week you will need to consume 500 calories less than your TDEE (daily calorie needs from the link above). 750 calories less will result in 1.5 pounds and 1000 calories is an aggressive 2 pounds per week.


Here is where it begins to resemble work. The most efficient way to lose the weight you desire is to track your calorie intake. This has gotten much simpler over the years and today it can be done right from your smartphone or computer. r/loseit recommends an app like MyFitnessPal, Loseit! (unaffiliated), or Cronometer. Create an account and be honest with it about your current stats, activities, and goals. This is your tracker and no one else needs to see it so don’t cheat the numbers. You’ll find large user created databases that make logging and tracking your food and drinks easy with just the tap of the screen or the push of a button. We also highly recommend the use of a digital kitchen scale for accuracy. Knowing how much of what you're eating is more important than what you're eating. Why? This may explain it.

Creating Your Deficit

How do you create a deficit? This is up to you. r/loseit has a few recommendations but ultimately that decision is yours. There is no perfect diet for everyone. There is a perfect diet for you and you can create it. You can eat less of exactly what you eat now. If you like pizza you can have pizza. Have 2 slices instead of 4. You can try lower calorie replacements for calorie dense foods. Some of the communities favorites are cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash in place of their more calorie rich cousins. If it appeals to you an entire dietary change like Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian.

The most important thing to remember is that this selection of foods works for you. Sustainability is the key to long term weight management success. If you hate what you’re eating you won’t stick to it.


Is NOT mandatory. You can lose fat and create a deficit through diet alone. There is no requirement of exercise to lose weight.

It has it’s own benefits though. You will burn extra calories. Exercise is shown to be beneficial to mental health and creates an endorphin rush as well. It makes people feel awesome and has been linked to higher rates of long term success when physical activity is included in lifestyle changes.

Crawl, Walk, Run

It can seem like one needs to make a 180 degree course correction to find success. That isn’t necessarily true. Many of our users find that creating small initial changes that build a foundation allows them to progress forward in even, sustained, increments.


You will struggle. We have all struggled. This is natural. There is no tip or trick to get through this though. We encourage you to recognize why you are struggling and forgive yourself for whatever reason that may be. If you overindulged at your last meal that is ok. You can resolve to make the next meal better.

Do not let the pursuit of perfect get in the way of progress. We don’t need perfect. We just want better.

Additional resources

Now you’re ready to do this. Here are more details, that may help you refine your plan.

19 commentssavehidereport87% UpvotedWhat are your thoughts? Log in or Sign uplog insign upSort bynew (suggested)besttopnew (suggested)controversialoldq&alevel 1brocaspupilNewScore hidden · 12 minutes ago

I would love some recommendations on what my goal weight should be.

I'm 31F, medium-build, current weight 194 lb. I felt great last time I was 160 lbs, but that was before my depression/anxiety got really bad, my stress level went way up, and having a full-time sedentary job. I don't know if I can or should reach that again, but would love advise.

My main form of exercise is walking/hiking with my dogs (usually 1 hr/day during the week and 1-3 hr during the weekend).

I re-downloaded myfitnesspal for the fourth time today. I have previously used it to lose weight from 195 to 140 when I was 24y (at which point I was too thin and obsessed with calorie counting/working out to an unhealthy level), and a few pounds here and there since then.

Also (for now) I've cut out beer, which is really difficult for me.

level 1mimi1291NewScore hidden · 40 minutes ago

Today is my day 1, and I am new to the community. I found out over the weekend I have high blood pressure, so its time to make a change.

27F/5'2" Starting weight is 260 Goal weight for right now is 150. I dont have a date for this. I am adopting a totally new lifestyle, so whenever I get to 150 i get there.

level 1changeisgooooooodNewScore hidden · 1 hour ago

There are officially 100 days left in 2019 and I really want to make them count. I started today off with a 2 mile walk and have been keeping track of all my food intake today. Good luck to everyone else starting today!!

32/F/5'2" Starting Weight: 196.4

Goal Weight by 1/1/2020: 176

Ultimate Goal Weight: 130

level 1Profoundlyweyez26F 5’0” SW:200 | CW: 200 | GW: 130Score hidden · 1 hour ago

I’m 26 and female. 5”0 and 200 lbs. I’ve lost sixty pounds both times I’ve dieted before. I’m ready to get down to 130 and stay there.

level 1jennyquackles Score hidden · 2 hours ago

I’ve had so many day 1’s it’s ridiculous. Usually last a week or two then stop. Not anymore. I’ve had enough. I know I can do this.

level 2mistrali22½kg lost | 151cm | SW: 59.5kg | CW: 56.5kg | GW: 45kgScore hidden · 12 minutes ago

You absolutely can! Small changes are the key (fellow yo-yoer here!)

level 1NexusSuperior25M 5'8" | SW: 217 (1/02/19) | GW: 185 | CW: 202 |Score hidden · 2 hours ago

I actually started in the beginning of the year. Lost around 15-17 lbs and weighed 200 lbs in May. As always, I kinda stopped and went back to my usual habits. I'm surprised I managed to keep it around the same weight since then.

I am determined to continue where I left off and reach my GW. Hopefully I can get there by the end of the year!

level 1KeeindorNewScore hidden · 2 hours ago

20M 5'4" SW: 300 GW: 140 CW: 296

It's time to make a change. I'm going to carefully track my calories. I've got mental stuff going on like depression, but recently I've begun to feel better and I want to use this to try and make losing weight a habit. I can do it. It's going to get done. I am capable of this.

level 1rolosmith123NewScore hidden · 3 hours ago

Hoping to have today be a full start instead of a 3 or 4 day start and weekend being awful. Anyone want to be accountability buddies?

level 2okaymooseF23 5'3 | SW: 174lbs | CW: 155lbs | 1stGW: 153lbs | UGW: 125lbsScore hidden · 2 hours ago

You can message me anytime and/or add me on MyFitnessPal (same username as here). Glad you're starting today 🙂

Continue this thread level 1QS_BeekyNewScore hidden · 3 hours ago

"Officially" starting today. I have been doing small things the past few weeks but I have downloaded my calorie counter and am going to start try real hard. I am getting married in about 360 days and I'd like to lose approximately 30 lbs (currently 230). I am aiming to do at least 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week and eventually mix in some strength training. I am confident I can do this and I look forward to the journey with everyone else starting today

level 1xoxoahooves31F 5'10" | SW: 400 (09/23/19) GW: 160 | CW: 400Score hidden · 4 hours ago

I have gained 50 more lbs since the start of this year. I am topping out at around 400lbs now. I'm sad I have let myself get to this point. I went out to a play this past weekend (normally I stay in my apartment), and even just walking the .5 mile from the parking garage to the theater was uncomfortable, I was a sweaty mess. It was very embarrassing. I have like zero stamina whatsoever. I brought up a tote up from the basement with my Halloween decorations, and that caused me to get completely winded for at least five minutes. My feet and ankles get so swollen at the end of the day, I have troubles bending over to moisturize my legs or even just put socks/shoes on. But I just can't seem to stop eating. I haven't seen my mother since March, and I told her then that I was going to lose weight. But I went in the opposite direction and gained a ton, and now I'm mortified about the next time I see her. She probably isn't going to say anything to me, but I will know what she is thinking.

level 1[deleted]Score hidden · 4 hours ago

first day here long time lurker aiming for 150 currently 280 started at 300

level 1twentysevenstrangersNewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

First day for me, Aiming to lose 16.5lbs before December currently 216.4. Always tried the big bang approach of x amount of pounds to lose (normally 60lb) so this time trying small goals to get me there.

level 1PlumbJamNewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

I started today, I will stick to it this time.

level 1DarkAngel40NewScore hidden · 5 hours ago

I’m starting today. I tried to relax the diet over the weekend but I don’t think I can until I get at least somewhat closer to my goal weight.

level 1spacemermaid1701F23 | 5'2" | SW: 198 CW: 198 GW: 180Score hidden · 5 hours ago

I'm not starting, per se. But today I scheduled an appt with my doctor over the concern that I may have a binge eating disorder. I'm sick of feeling hopeless and helpless. I'm sick of not being able to keep food in my house for fear of eating it all.

level 2twentysevenstrangersNewScore hidden · 5 hours ago

Well done for taking that first step.

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