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Apparently a fracture in #30 has eluded two dentists for the last 6 months. (picture)


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Apparently a fracture in #30 has eluded two dentists for the last 6 months. (picture)

Started getting some cold sensitivity last summer a little bit after getting a filling; asked about it during my cleaning, dentist said use Sensodyne, leave some around the gum of the affected tooth (gum was pulled away by tooth-grinding). Started getting pressure sensitivity when eating crunchy foods last fall, mentioned it to dentist, and over the course of a few months he worked on my bite because he was convinced that the surface of my tooth was too high and chewing was causing the root of the tooth to poke a nerve. It never helped, and I just sort of suffered through it using my tongue to completely close off my right lower jaw when drinking cold drinks and chewing exclusively on my left side.

Fast forward to most recent cleaning a month ago, new dentist asks about the sensitivity, told him it never went away, none of the work ever helped. He takes a look and declares victory after noticing and refilling a gap in the dentin on the top of my tooth, what he thought was the source of the pressure sensitivity. After the anesthetic wore off the pain was still there, so I made an appointment for yesterday.

He puffed some air on the top of the tooth while putting a finger over the gumline to eliminate that as a source for pain. It still hurt, which mystified him because his finger was completely over the separated gums but the gums were where it hurt. He gets a little camera, starts poking around, and says "AHA!" before putting the following picture up on a monitor. (I drew the red arrow)


Sorry for lousy quality, it's a cameraphone picture of a flatscreen (I didn't think to have them email it to me); you can still pretty clearly see the line and difference in color on either side of it though. Apparently this fracture wasn't visible any of the other times and has grown recently (covering their ass as to why it took this long maybe? They never used the camera until today, so maybe it really was just too small to see, I dunno). His new theory is that this fracture has been getting flexed around when chewing crunchy foods (pressure sensitivity), and liquid/air getting down into the crack is what's causing my temperature sensitivity. Clenching my jaw never hurts, only when I eat crunchy foods, if that helps. I actually can't move my jaw around and bite down to get it to hurt unless I bite down on something else. Does this look legit? He's saying I'll need a crown to fix it, and honestly I'm at the point where I'm just going to tell them to rip the goddamn thing out, I'm so sick of having to chew on one side and seal off half my mouth to have some ice water. Help me reddit-wan kenobi, you're one of honestly probably several hopes but… I'm here most of the time anyway? Thanks.

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id do the crown. should fix it.

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I think you have a craze line. Also here’s an article about tooth fx https://www.speareducation.com/spear-review/2017/08/how-to-recognize-the-5-types-of-tooth-cracks

Do you have a night guard?

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