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NSV: pants shopping!!


r/loseitPosts24Posted byu/Elkemil20lbs lost4 hours ago

NSV: pants shopping!!

I’m closing in on 30lbs lost since Jan 1st and I’m constantly surprised by how difficult it is to tell. One thing I’ve noticed is how disproportionately my body is changing. Most of my shirts appear to fit relatively the same as before I started. Shirts that were slightly too small are still slightly too small. But my pants were starting to look terrible from being so baggy.

I caved and decided to go buy a smaller pair of jeans yesterday to hold me over as I continue losing weight. I have been wearing a size 24 for years. Some of the 24s were snug before I started this journey. So I grabbed a bunch of different styles in a size 22 to try on. I was floored to find out the 22s were ALSO too big. I ended up having to buy a size 20, which is a size I have not been able to wear in maybe 15 years.

So despite my brain telling me that my body is still the same size after losing 30lbs it turns out I have actually dropped a full 2 pants sizes. It was a WILD realization.

This was some well timed and much needed motivation!!

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I am finding the same thing! Looking at side by side photos it is hard do see my 22lbs. But, a skirt I bought in December falls down my waist to my hips. I'm gonna assume i will see it eventually!

ReplyreportSavelevel 2Elkemil20lbs lostOriginal PosterScore hidden · 4 hours ago

Oh I feel this!! I took before photos and when I compare them to now I keep going back and forth between “yes, there’s definitely a difference” and “my body is exactly the same.”

Congrats on your 22lbs!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1Kovitlac30F, 65lbs lost | CW: 126lbs | SW: 195lbsScore hidden · 3 hours ago

I wore skinny jeans to work for the first time yesterday ? If you'd told me two years ago I'd be doing that, I'd have laughed in your face.

ReplyreportSavelevel 2Elkemil20lbs lostOriginal PosterScore hidden · 1 hour ago

Congrats!! That’s awesome.

ReplyreportSavelevel 1MicroMgrNewScore hidden · 2 hours ago

Congratulations on your hard work and that the loss is starting to show!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1friendlywoodape140lbs lost 37M 6'3 | SW: 350: CW: 210 | GW: 190Score hidden · 1 hour ago

Absolutely my experience as well. I've lost a lot, but my weight came off first from my lower half. I keep most of my weight in my upper body anyway, but I went from 42" pants to 36" pants but was still wearing 3x shirts. It was like my body decided to do one half than the other, because now I'm at 34" pants and L shirts.

And then even my upperbody seemed to go at a different pace, with my gut shrinking much faster than my moobs.

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