Home Business Two platforms of South Pars Phase 13 to become operational

Two platforms of South Pars Phase 13 to become operational


Payam Motamed added the two platforms will become ready for production immediately after hookup and startup, reported Fars News Agency.

Following the inauguration of 10 SP phases since President Hassan Rouhani took office in 2013, the second round of SP development trend has started for developing the remaining phases.

Mohammad Meshkinfam, the CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), has put the South Pars rich gas production capacity at 600 mcm/d.

"Except for SP11, the border blocks of this field shared [with neighboring Qatar] are operational," he said, adding that the sour gas production capacity in developing phases of this field (SP13, SP14, SP22-24) will increase by next March.

Motamed said the two platforms started work thanks to efforts by the client and contractors including SADRA and Tesco.

"The flares of the two platforms were switched on after the end of construction and installation operations, the activation of all safety systems and the opening of the first wells," he added.

Motamed said delivery of gas to onshore refinery will begin when an offshore pipeline becomes ready to transfer gas.

The simultaneous startup of two major gas platforms in the Persian Gulf by Iranian contractors is unprecedented in Iran's offshore industry.