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Weight and depression

TDLR: Trying to loose about 10kg with depression while taking it slow.

So I am not sure this is post worthy but here we go. I am 5'3" with a starting weight of 71kg GW 57kg, CW 65kg. I am having to lose weight incredibly slowly as I am aiming for 1600 cal which will be about maintaince at GW. I am mostly sedintry however 3 days a week I spent 5-7 hours walking for walk.

I have lost the weight while yes calorie counting but my main aim has been first to eat more fruit was aiming for 3 portions. Once I was mostly doing that I aimed to eat more veg as well again looking for about 3 portions. At this point I tend to eat about 2-2.5 portions of fruit a day, on days I am working I get a min of 2-2.5 veg in the form of salad for lunch still working on eating that on days off. However at the moment my mental health has tanked completely. So I have decided that for this week I am just going to focus on my mental health as I do not have enough energy to count calaries. I am trying to get counselling but that is a way off at the moment. My most recent thing has been to try and increase my protein intake however that has on the whole been less sucessful. But at this point I am just so tired and completely rundown I am not sure what to do other than take a few days off to try and reset somewhat.

I am currently trying to walk 8000 steps every day. The reason for the decrease is because that is achieveable for me. On days off I can normal walk about 7000 to 7500 steps so just trying to incrimentally change bits. Not really sure what to do. If anyone has suggestions for loosing weight with depression I am all ears. I struggle to leave the house if I am not going to work, I try and get out into my garden and potter outside if the weather is nice but its a struggle to get out even if I know that I will enjoy being out in the sun.

Sorry for the ramble.

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You sound very self-àware. Try to keep forcing yourself to do the right things as I think your depression could worsen if you stop.

It may help to really recognise your success. When you are able to walk or eat healthily, take some time to praise yourself.

Recognise that every time you do that you have overcome your depression. You have been very strong to keep going and not let the depression his you back.

Every time you do that is an accomplishment. Praise yourself and accept your success.

Keep doing the right thing and this strength will become your new habit.

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eating yesterday was a disaster but I got into the garden which was lovely. At the moment I am just trying to eat when hungry and not otherwise. I have been both anoeric (how on earth is that spelt) and a binge eater and I can show signs of both when I get worse. I am trying to eat the same but I just can not count. The problem I am currently having with counting is that I am either deliberatly bingeing or starving depending on the numbers that day. Both of which result in my head getting worse. Eating just over 800 cal for 2 days is NOT good.

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If counting calories is too much right now (I personally just can’t do it, too hard) could you go for a food ordering service for a bit, or just to get you by for a couple of weeks? It is pricey but you can generally tailor it to what you need, maybe just 5 days of lunches and dinners to start. I just find it gives you one less thing to worry about.

It sounds like you’re doing such a great job, it’s not easy to keep plugging away when you’re having a tough time, you should be really proud of yourself. I’m the same height as you and about your starting weight, so I’m really envious of where you’re at!

Good on you for seeking counselling too and recognising what you need right now, I hope it comes through for you soon. Maybe start doing some little things that you enjoy for now – savour a cup of tea, listen to some daggy tunes, do a mud mask or go for a massage. Little acts of self love add up.

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It has taken me 9 months to get here, admittedly at one point I gained 3 kgs back but mostly just loosing slowly as I want to change habits for a lifetime I have watched family members yoyo for years and follow every fade under the sun and then some. Sadly can't afford something like that but we do have a range of homemade food in the freezer which we can eat.

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