Home Health What is the best way for me to get back into shape?

What is the best way for me to get back into shape?


r/loseitPosts5Posted byu/aloneforever666New5 hours ago

What is the best way for me to get back into shape?

I was looking through old pictures of myself amazed by how fit and skinny I was. I honestly just became disgusted with myself and decided to start my r/loseit journey to regain my body back.

I'm 5'5 and last week I weighed in at 162lb, after a week of eating 1200 calories a day and exercising 5 days, today I weighed in at 157lb. I am still disappointed because physically it looks like I didn't lose any weight at all. What is the best way I can lose body fat but maintain the muscle hiding underneath all that fat?

Here are pics of me in August last year and me right now.


I have no knowledge on how to diet or what to work on at the gym so all advice would be appreciated!

13 commentssavehidereport86% UpvotedWhat are your thoughts? Log in or Sign uplog insign upSort bybestbesttopnewcontroversialoldq&alevel 1Vegeta710NewScore hidden · 5 hours ago

The best way is to keep your calories in at 12-1500 for atleast 8 weeks

ReplyreportSavelevel 2aloneforever666NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 5 hours ago

What foods should I eat and what should I avoid? What should I do exercising wise, like go to gym and lift weights, swim?

ReplyreportSavelevel 3Corvid-MoonNewScore hidden · 5 hours ago · edited 5 hours ago

You may want to consider altering your diet to be more vegetarian, and try to avoid as much sugar and processed foods as possible.

Additionally, you can get into a comfortable exercize routine at home using body-weight exercises, with no equipment needed❕

ReplyreportSavelevel 4aloneforever666NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 5 hours ago

So try to eat more vegetables instead of meat? How about carbs?

Thanks for the feedback!

ReplyreportSavelevel 5Corvid-MoonNewScore hidden · 5 hours ago · edited 3 hours ago

Yep! Carbs can come from an array of foodstuffs, particularly in potatoes and pasta. Carbs are also beneficial for exercize, as they act as a fuel that your muscles use when in use.

I would also suggest supplementing your new diet with protein smoothies. They are affordable, nutritious, great for muscle growth, and are soo delicious. ?

ReplyreportSavelevel 6aloneforever666NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 5 hours ago

Sounds great, do you know of any excersice that I can do that can burn calories and fat effectively? All i do now is swim.

ReplyreportSavelevel 7SheddingCorporateNewScore hidden · 1 hour ago

Lift weights. Seriously. Eat proteins and vegetables to get the best nutrition, reduce the grains as those are pretty much just filler. Drink plenty of water.

Strength training is, the quickest way to build muscle, which a) is denser than fat, so even at the same scale weight, you look and are leaner, and b) will burn more calories even at rest, giving you a bit of an accelerant in the weight loss process.

If you don't have access to a gym, go for the home equivalent: body weight squats, lunges, pushups and the like.

ReplyreportSavelevel 7Corvid-MoonNewScore hidden · 5 hours ago · edited 4 hours ago

Swimming is great for what you're after, as it helps keep your heart at a specific rate that's more efficient for burning fat. Any exercize will burn fat, but cardio is more efficient at doing it, and reaching your target heart rate during cardio is most efficient.

While I may not be able to provide specific exercizes for fat loss other than swimming, I may refer you to a personal trainer on YouTube called Athlean-X. He does some great demonstrations on how to properly execute various exercizes, and may provide some tips to help with your goals❕?

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ReplyreportSavelevel 4Vegeta710NewScore hidden · 3 hours ago

For god sake, don’t go vegetarian! You need all the protein you can get. Do high protein high fat and low carb. Don’t eat more than 50g of carbs a day

ReplyreportSavelevel 5Corvid-MoonNewScore hidden · 3 hours ago · edited 3 hours ago

Actually, plant-based protein is much more accessible, far better for the environment, and doesn't require the death of any sentient being. There is more protein in many plant-based sources than can ever be found in meat.

Why? Because the "meat" gets it's protein from plants, not other meat. That's why there are just as many herbivores in the world as there are carnivores, and why being vegetarian is healthier than eating glutinous-amounts of meat without a care for where it all comes from.

ReplyreportSavelevel 6bluechillpillNewScore hidden · 2 hours ago

As an omnivore i’m intrigued. Are there any plant based proteins with macros equivalent to chicken? I’d like to get as much protein and some fat whil minimizing carbs

ReplyreportSavelevel 7Corvid-MoonNewScore hidden · 2 hours ago · edited 1 hour ago

Well at this time, I've been getting much of my protein from a weigh powder made from a company called Vega. I add it to smoothies and it's soo good. I also add in some delicious, vitamin-fortified soy milk for consistency and enhanced nutrition.

So you'll definitely want to consider that, as well as protein from imitation meat that you can find in most supermarkets (Yveves is a great brand for this; find it in the produce section!), which can be incorporated into every meal as desired. From there, simply avoid carb-rich foods, and consume more fat-friendly ones, and you'll be well on your way❕?

Edited for context*

ReplyreportSavelevel 1heizR17M 180cm SW: 123.8kg | CW: 121.5kg | GW: 100kgScore hidden · 22 minutes ago

One word: perserverance.

If there is one thing all old strongmen, wrestlers pointed out, it was being persistent with your exercises. Focussing your mind on the muscle you are training. Look up George Hackenschmidt, Eugen Sandow, Arthur Saxon, Bernarr McFadden, Charles Atlas etc. Look at their physiques, this was before steroids were introduced to the mainstream fitness business. They'll all tell you that you won't be able to do it overnight. Persistent training is the most important thing.

I can give you not a lot of advice when it comes to training or diet, but for bodyweight fitness, I recommend /r/bodyweightfitness, as they cover a lot of exercises and even give you a standard plan to follow. As for training with weights, I think that dumbbells and barbells are sufficient for an aesthetic physiques. I mean, looking at the names I have listed above, they all had impressive physiques and used mostly barbell and dumbbell exercises. Charles Atlas even only used his own bodyweight. /r/Fitness is also a good subreddit.

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