Home Health I lost 104 pounds by changing my lifestyle during nursing school!

I lost 104 pounds by changing my lifestyle during nursing school!


r/loseitPosts101Posted byu/legumebae100lbs lost7 hours ago

I lost 104 pounds by changing my lifestyle during nursing school!


I have been overweight to obese my entire life and I had always said that I wanted to lose the weight but was never successful after various attempts of cycles of diets and giving up. At 253 pounds at the age of 20 I suffered from terrible hidradenitis suppurativa, asthma, and frequent belly aches that made me miserable. I would eat fast food almost every day and ate when I was bored and not hungry very often. I decided to listen to my body and drop dairy first since I am lactose intolerant and never cared to get sick after eating my favorite sweet treats. I immediately felt the difference with my digestive system and lost about 20 pounds in a little over a month combined with exercise and not eating out. I then stopped eating red meat for four months and lost more weight that way. I slowly stopped eating chicken, then eggs, and now have been eating a vegan diet for 1 year. My hidradentitis suppurativa completely cleared up but I still have scars, and I no longer suffer from stomach pain after meals anymore. Although it isn't easy managing to lose weight during nursing school, it was incredibly helpful to make a big batch of a meal ready for when I come home from school to last me the week and to pack all my lunch and snacks ahead of time to resist temptation. I weigh 149 pounds now!

16 commentssavehidereport96% UpvotedWhat are your thoughts? Log in or Sign uplog insign upSort bybestbesttopnewcontroversialoldq&alevel 1Blue_Green_DreamsNewScore hidden · 5 hours ago

Wow that is awesome. Your picture on the left really is how I am now. I know what changes I need to make, I just haven't pushed myself to make them. Thanks for sharing!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1db7255NewScore hidden · 5 hours ago

That is amazing! Way to go!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1emiwaka29NewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

Oh my god, congratulations!! You look so good☺️?? (BTW WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SKIRT IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS)

ReplyreportSavelevel 1fuzzy_pomegranate21F 5'6" 189 | 179 | 140Score hidden · 4 hours ago

Congratulations!! I’m in nursing school too and it is HARD to not shove all the food you see in your mouth after a long day of lectures, labs, and clinicals!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1battleman1332M | SW: 333 | CW: 304 | GW: 180 – Started IF on 1/1/19Score hidden · 5 hours ago

Congrats! Great work! I'm sure your body thanks you!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1Ranessin38M; 5f11"/180cm; SW: 126kg; CW: 82kg/180lbs; GW: 72kgScore hidden · 4 hours ago

Damn impressive! It feels so much better, doesn't it? Everything physical in life suddenly feels like a breeze compared to what it was before. Just thinking that before you did everything you did, just with an Irish Wolfhound on your shoulders! Every day. Every minute.

ReplyreportSavelevel 1TheEnd84NewScore hidden · 3 hours ago

Thanks for the inspo! I'm almost halfway through nursing school and after the first quarter when I was worried about having enough stamina to do effective CPR I knew I had to change. I've lost 40 pounds so far and hope to lose another 40 by the time I graduate next March! It's good to know that someone out there has managed to lose instead of gain in nursing school!

ReplyreportSavelevel 2TheEnd84NewScore hidden · 2 hours ago

Oh, and we'll done! You look amazing!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1TriteBitsScore hidden · 6 hours ago


ReplyreportSavelevel 1Libradoodle5'2"F|SW 205|CW 192|GW 135Score hidden · 5 hours ago

Wow, you look amazing! Congratulations on your loss!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1tliu91NewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

Do you plan on staying vegan? ive been trying to add more variety of veggies to my diet and reduce the amount of meat but it doesn't seem likely that id give up meat completely.

ReplyreportSavelevel 1TheBeardedGarcia1989NewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

That’s awesome! Congrats ????

ReplyreportSavelevel 1ocram6258013lbs lostScore hidden · 1 hour ago

Congratulations!!! How long did it take you to go full on vegan? Gave up pork and beef last January 2, and now I haven't had chicken in 9 days. Really interested in adopting a whole food plant based diet (I've done the eating more whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies right) but I feel like giving up chicken or fish completely is close to impossible.

ReplyreportSavelevel 1nomorelegalese39/M, 5'8", SW: 257, GW: 185, CW: 184Score hidden · 58 minutes ago

Wow, great job!! You look many years younger. Proud of you!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1pheromonecvltxS 310 | C 250 | G 140Score hidden · 30 minutes ago

Hidradenitis suppurativa. I felt like the only person in the world with this!

ReplyreportSavelevel 1mynewaccount22NewScore hidden · 2 hours ago

Please make sure you get enough calcium. My friend was a hardcore strictly vegan eater she now needs a hip replacement at 29 due to a calcium deficiency.

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