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Does anyone else put a lot of pressure on themselves to lose a bunch of weight before a big event or trip?


r/loseitPosts8Posted byu/TechnicalSundaeNew2 hours ago

Does anyone else put a lot of pressure on themselves to lose a bunch of weight before a big event or trip?

I've realized that anytime I have a big trip coming up I put a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight before it. I want to look good in pictures and bring my favorite clothes that are a bit too snug right now. I know big events and trips can be motivating for some people and actually help them lose weight but for me it's the opposite. As soon as I start feeling pressure to lose weight I start to overthink it and end up sabotaging myself. For example, I start to think "oh you shouldn't have those extra cookies because you're trying to lose weight for your trip!" and then I immediately feel like I'm restricting myself and start to think about how much I reallllly want those cookies rather than just letting it go.

I've been successfully losing weight and re-building a healthy relationship with food these past few months by avoiding those restrictive thoughts but now that I've got a big trip planned next month I find them creeping in again. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips for dealing?

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Part of this journey for me has been to scrutinize my emotions and put them in the passenger seat. Feelings are part of what makes us human and gives us joy (and sadness) at right times.

While we don't want to lose that emotional human part of us, we also don't what to change our good rational plans due to a mood or a whim. Make it your practice (and then eventually your habit) to recognize your emotions and not let them change your plan.

You shouldn't have extra cookies because they're extra. If you're calling them extra cookies, the sentence itself has already told you what to do. 🙂 There's nothing in a second cookie that wasn't in the first.

And if you do cave in, then it's already done and you can make a plan for next time. I caved in to the second cookie last night and, even 4 years later, still proving to myself there's nothing in the second cookie that wasn't in the first. The second one is unnecessary: more isn't better, it isn't nutrition, I wasn't hungry, I was merely entitled because 'I had calories' (ugh!) so then why am I eating more of this off-plan thing. Have one and be done. Sometimes I'm such a kid.

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ReplyreportSavelevel 1Toad_ona_hill30lbs lostScore hidden · 2 hours ago

I'm struggling with this right now. I have a big event at the end of April where I'll see people I only see once a year and there's this huge need to have big difference in my appearance to show.

It's not helped by the fact my ex will be attending and I've seen them once since we split and know they dropped a lot of weight as well.

Tangled complicated emotions, grr.

ReplyreportSavelevel 1150orbustNewScore hidden · 2 hours ago

I used to, but crash diets which is the only way I can lose fast has always ended in disaster for me.

Now slow and more importantly steady has been great. I continued to lose during two vacations even though I ate more:)

ReplyreportSavelevel 1ILikeLimeNewScore hidden · 1 hour ago

Yes! Ive been in this mindset for a while now for my wedding which is in 25 days. I know what you mean about sabotaging yourself. I think the extra stress and pressure of a big event makes it a lot harder. I do much better with my calorie counting when I'm living an everyday, normal, consistent routine. My only tips (which I constantly need to remind myself) are that I won't feel as much pressure to lose weight once the wedding is over, so I won't feel as stressed out trying to lose weight as much as enjoying the journey. I also just try to take it one day at a time. I do mess up somewhat frequently, but I just keep reminding myself every morning that I can do a lot better today. It's a struggle, I feel you!

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