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The Six: Middle Eastern films at the Berlin Film Festival


DUBAI: The 69th Berlinale will kick off on Thursday and is set to feature films from around the Middle East.
‘Aidiyet’ (Turkey)
This thriller, the title of which translates to “Belonging,” maps out a criminal case. With a voice-over delivered in the tone of a confession, a man reconstructs the murder of his future mother-in-law.

‘Kiz Kardesler’ (Turkey)
There is no escaping the patriarchy for three sisters in a village in the Anatolian mountains. Their dream of a better life is fading, but their bond remains.

‘De quelques événements sans signification’ (Morocco)
Filmmakers ask people about their expectations for Morocco’s emerging cinema scene in the mid-1970s. When a disgruntled worker kills his superior, the inquest shifts gears.

‘Of Fathers and Sons’ (Syria)
Filmmaker Talal Derki gains the trust of an extremist family and shares their daily life for more than two years in this Oscar-nominated documentary.

‘Une Rose Ouverte’ (Lebanon)
In this tribute to revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg, Lebanese filmmaker Ghassan Salhab collages together her letters from prison with images of the Middle East and Berlin.

‘Liqa’lm Yadhae’ (Egypt)
‘Un-aired Interview’ in English, this film delves deep into waiter Ibrahim’s life after he is interviewed for an obscure television show.