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My relationship with food has completely changed


r/loseitPosts214Posted byu/Siansian010New5 hours ago

My relationship with food has completely changed

I am a food addict.

Actually, no, I WAS a food addict.

Like so many other people, I have tried countless times to lose the weight. I have tried all the lose weight quick pills, the clubs you join to lose with other woman, and even some MLM schemes that have you drink ridiculous things to “melt the fat away” even if anything I did was successful, after a few weeks, I’d go back because I wasn’t fixing the root of the issue, my eating habits.

Growing up, our house was a fen for yourself lifestyle. My parents never cooked for us (even as small kids) and they just kept a the house stocked with ramen, Mac and cheese, sandwiches and lots of junk food and soda. We either ate everything we could, or it was gone and we didn’t eat at all. So at a young age I would eat everything because there was no such thing as portions or saving for later.

Last year I discovered this sub and with it, CICO and IF. Glorious simply truth, PORTION CONTROL. Through out the last 12 months I have attempted tracking my food and learning about food sizes and portions and weighing my food. I’d do it for a couple of weeks then slowly stop, I’d keep any weight I lost off, but i was only losing about 2lbs in two months then it would stand still.

Come December and many attempts at CICO and portion control, and suddenly something stuck. I wasn’t craving food constantly. I would eat small and be satisfied, not stuffed. I was finally eating the way I needed to and felt like food didn’t have control on my life.

I started tracking food again in January, I also convinced my husband to do it with me (it’s been a breeze for him and I’m happy for him) and I have never had such a successful month. I mean I’ve stayed under or at calorie intake goal for the majority of the month and when I have gone over because of a party or Social event, I didn’t binge, I went back on track. I’m not eating fast food, or pizza (jk I eat a shit ton on cauliflower pizza) I stopped drinking soda and I just don’t desire these things anymore! In January I lost 11lbs. That’s over 2lbs a week!

Yeah I know it’s not all smooth sailing and my weight loss will absolutely not be immediate and fast, but this time it’ll be successful. I’m not just losing weight, I am changing 28 years of bad lifestyle and bad food choices. I am losing bad habits. There is no lose weight fast scheme that can do what this community has done for me.

54 commentssavehidereport95% UpvotedWhat are your thoughts? Log in or Sign uplog insign upSort bybestbesttopnewcontroversialoldq&alevel 1CathanRegaliM26| 6'2"| SW 297| CW 185| GW RunnerScore hidden · 5 hours ago

Cauliflower nachos are the shit. No really, if you like cauliflower pizza, and you like nachos, you should make cauliflower nachos. I prefer them to regular nachos. I basically dropped in to say this.

Keep at it! Also, I AM still a food addict. That's not going to change. I can still very easily eat 5000+ calories in a day. 1000s in a sitting, and not because I'm hungry. If the food tastes good or I'm in a sour mood, I'll keep eating.

That said, I learned to seek other ways to fix my bad moods. Food comas aren't exactly a great way to process.

ReplyreportSavelevel 2Siansian010NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 5 hours ago

Okay, hold the presses, cauliflower nachos?!? Yo you got a good recipe?

ReplyreportSavelevel 3CathanRegaliM26| 6'2"| SW 297| CW 185| GW RunnerScore hidden · 5 hours ago · edited 4 hours ago

I wish I had a more precise one. Cauliflower nachos are something my mother taught me, so her exact recipe is on a card in the recipe box she gave me.

Basically nachos, but with cauliflower as the base. Which means that it's more or less healthy, depending on what you choose to put in them.

Cover pan with foil, chop cauliflower, cover bottom of the sheet. Top with all your nacho stuff. Mom always uses a couple heads of cauliflower, a bunch of black beans, ground beef and some cheese. Brown the ground beef in a skillet before putting it on the nachos. Bake on 350 or so until cauliflower becomes tender. You probably need to eat them with a fork unless you don't mind gunky, greasy fingers.

That said, you can use jalapenos, onions, peppers and all the other awesome things you normally put on nachos.

ReplyreportSavelevel 4_DEVILS_AVACADO_NewScore hidden · 4 hours ago


ReplyreportSavelevel 5friendlywoodape37M 6'0 | SW: 350 | CW: 219 | GW 190Score hidden · 4 hours ago

Honestly, if you like cauliflower stuff – almost anything bread/chip/pita/whatever can be replaced with cauliflower. You basically use the same techniques for making it into dough into anything else.

ReplyreportSavelevel 4daywreckerdiesel-70 lbsScore hidden · 4 hours ago

cauliflower is honestly one of my favorite vegetables and why have I never thought of this thank you oh my lawd

ReplyreportSavelevel 4rizaroniF / 36 – 5'4" / SW: 260 / CW: 147.4 / GW: ~130Score hidden · 4 hours ago

This is SO OBVIOUS and genius. I'm like, a little bit mad at myself for not thinking of it myself. MUST. MAKE. CAULIFLOWER. NACHOS.

ReplyreportSavelevel 4Siansian010NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 4 hours ago

Currently salivating. My lord.

ReplyreportSavelevel 4Sapphire59226F 5'3"| SW:167|CW:158|GW:130|Score hidden · 4 hours ago

Oh my god I NEEEED this

ReplyreportSavelevel 4insomniac29 Score hidden · 1 hour ago

Wow, I'm definitely going to try this, thanks for sharing!

ReplyreportSavelevel 4wingus__dingus24F/166cm | SW: 92.3KG. CW: 79.9KG. GW: <60KGScore hidden · 1 hour ago

Similarly, my mum bulks out her macaroni cheese with cauliflower and broccoli. We're big fans of cauliflower cheese too so it's great to combine the two dishes! If you base your sauce on a bechamel and get some punchy flavours in there (I like pickled jalapenos or whole grain mustard) rather than focusing on lots of melty cheese it comes to a substantial meal and not too ridiculous on the calories front

ReplyreportSavelevel 4deezinerchic223NewScore hidden · 1 hour ago

I made a bomb keto 7 layer dip for the superbowl, and the base is cauliflower instead of beans. It was soooooo good! Recipe here: https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/keto-7-layer-dip-mexican-bean-free-low-carb/ I didn't read well and mixed the creole seasoning in the cauliflower layer ( I used Slap Ya Mama), but that was amazing. Then I used extra where the recipe said to. We ate it with carrot chips. Yum.

ReplyreportSavelevel 2Coming_november2018SW: 241 CW:207.8 GW: 150Score hidden · 2 hours ago

Can’t say I’ve tried cauliflower nachos but sweet potato nachos are delish too!

ReplyreportSavelevel 2sblade77NewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

In the same vein, cauliflower chicken wings. They're seriously amazing. Here's the recipe I made last night: https://www.noracooks.com/vegan-cauliflower-buffalo-wings/#wprm-recipe-container-1834

I used 3/4 BBQ sauce to 1/4 sriracha though.

ReplyreportSavelevel 3CathanRegaliM26| 6'2"| SW 297| CW 185| GW RunnerScore hidden · 3 hours ago

I call this Buffalo Cauliflower! I make this also!

ReplyreportSavelevel 2DreadTown5kg lostScore hidden · 1 hour ago

I am also a food addict and exercise became a great way to cope for me. If I feel stressed or unsatisfied with my life I go to the gym and hop on a treadmill and swim for 20-30 minutes. Works like a charm.

ReplyreportSavelevel 1elFangesNewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

I don't like tracking food cause I don't cook. But I like to be exact about things, so in a way it stresses me out not knowing the calories of what I'm eating so I just try to eat less. My goal is to only eat 3 meals a day. With absolutely no food in between. (only water, unsweet tea, or black coffee) it's been rough so far. And I crave sugar pretty bad. But wish me luck, it sounded like a good idea so I'm going to give it a shot. (I heard this at an Overeaters Anon meeting)

ReplyreportSavelevel 2Notey22NewScore hidden · 3 hours ago

Pleeeeease push through the sugar cravings. Mine have completely gone – I'm at my goal weight and not in a million years do I ever feel like sweet stuff any more. I was really addicted, so much so that I lost 5 teeth to sugar. Just keep avoiding it and it seriously goes away.

ReplyreportSavelevel 3elFangesNewScore hidden · 3 hours ago

Thank you! I have so far managed to cut out sodas. I want to cut out a lot of sodas but it's honestly hard to want to completely cut it out. For now I'm going to try and just do one dessert a week. I'll see if I can do that and decide from there. It sure is a hard change to commit to

ReplyreportSavelevel 4Aisakura729F 5'5" SW:235 CW:216 GW:189Score hidden · 39 minutes ago

Recovering soda addict here: I switched to flavor seltzer’s like Polar and have never looked back, and I used to HATE seltzer’s lol

ReplyreportSavelevel 2Siansian010NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 4 hours ago

I completely understand the not liking to track food thing. When I started I didn’t track my food, but my success didn’t happen until I tracked it and could see the numbers in front of me. I wish you all the luck in the world! You will do fantastic and hit your goals!

ReplyreportSavelevel 3elFangesNewScore hidden · 4 hours ago

Thank you! Is there an app you used to track calories? Also I'm kind of a perfectionist of sorts, so when I have a meal and only eat a portion of what there is, it gives me like anxiety I guess you can call it cause idk how much I'm eating. Sounds dumb but that's why I got turned off of calorie counting. Do you have any tips?

ReplyreportSavelevel 4Siansian010NewOriginal PosterScore hidden · 1 hour ago

I really prefer “Lose it!” It helps you accurately put in calories and the best thing I’ve done is get a good scale at home. The scale helps you accurately keep track as best as you can.

ReplyreportSavelevel 5elFangesNewScore hidden · 1 hour ago

I'll give lose it a shot thanks

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