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What We Are Reading Today: Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger


Technology has radically altered the news landscape. In Breaking News, Alan Rusbridger demonstrates how these decisive shifts have occurred, and what they mean for the future of democracy.

“Rusbridger’s 20 years as editor of The Guardian — 1995-2015 — parallel a period of dramatic transformation in the newspaper industry, arguably the most dramatic since the invention of the printing press,” said Ann Marie Lipinski in a review published in the New York Times.

“The staggering changes are illustrated by his efforts to explain the pre-digital publishing cycle to an Oxford class of phone-dependent 18-year-olds,” the review added.

It said: “Rusbridger pushed to make The Guardian a global digital newspaper, courting English-speaking readers outside of Britain, notably with editions in the US and Australia, dramatically increasing online audience.

“He did this while guiding the paper through several historic investigations, including outrageous revelations of phone hacking by British journalists and the disclosure of Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency files.”