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Kristin Ess Launches Signature Hair Gloss Collection


Folks who color their hair on a frequent basis know firsthand that nothing beats the post-salon glow — that glorious, almost ethereal way the hair shimmers and seems to catch the light from every direction after a fresh color session.

Sadly, such perfect hair moments are always short-lived and tough to re-create at home (regardless of how much shine serum you have on hand). That was, however, until hairstylist and entrepreneur Kristin Ess went and changed the game with her latest killer collection: a new line of at-home glosses aimed at keeping color-treated strands shiny and healthy-looking between salon visits.

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossCopper PennyMedium Copper Gold

It's a mic-drop moment, if you ask us — especially considering Ess just dropped her amazing scalp collection earlier this month. A balanced scalp and salon-worthy shine? It's the best of both worlds.

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossCrystal Quartz  Clear gloss

"I've always wished there was a salon-equivalent gloss I could send home with my clients that would keep the tone and shine of their hair in check between color services," Ess says, explaining where her vision for the line started. "I used to encourage people to come in and get glossed between services, but I found that most clients just didn't have the time or money. I knew I had to create something that was formulated for people who aren't colorists and that would be a safe way to keep the color shiny and vibrant in between salon visits," she tells Allure.

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossChocolate CosmoDark Golden Brown

With eight gorgeous hues to choose from — including a clear gloss called Crystal Quartz — there's an option for just about everyone. "I created these colors based on the hair colors and tones people ask me about the most when I post on Instagram," Ess says of her inspiration.

In the lineup you have Copper Penny (a medium, red-gold tone); Chocolate Cosmo (a dark, golden brown); Bittersweet (a nearly noir neutral brown); Tortoise Shell (golden bronde); Smoky Topaz (medium, neutral bronde); Golden Hour (a light, golden blonde); and Winter Wheat (a light, neutral blonde).

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossWinter WheatLight Neutral Blonde

Each shade offers different benefits, too. For example, Winter Wheat is brass-neutralizing, whereas Golden Hour is toning. The gloss you choose depends on what suits you and how you want your hair to look.

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossTortoise ShellMedium Golden Bronde

In addition to enhancing and maintaining your hair color between touch-ups, these treatments also do an excellent job of deep conditioning, thanks to a special strand-smoothing antioxidant complex and an alkaline neutralizing system — the latter of which also keeps your color from fading by hindering hard water minerals from reaching the hair and scalp. What's more, they're safe and effective for all?hair?types? and, if you go for the clear gloss, it won't alter your hair color whether it's dyed or your natural hue.

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossSmoky TopazMedium Neutral Bronde

Did we mention how affordable (just $14 each) and easy-to-use they are? "Just apply them in the shower to thoroughly wet hair and wait 10 to 20 minutes before you shampoo and condition," advises Ess. And that's that. You can go about your business, only your strands will be brighter and shinier than usual thanks to this simple extra step.

kristin ess Signature Hair GlossGolden HourLight Golden Blonde

Needless to say, if you're looking for a way to amp your color and its shine factor between salon trips, Kristin Ess's new Signature Gloss Collection is definitely worth a shot. And you can snag 'em starting today, January 28, exclusively at target.com. (Feast your eyes on all the color options for yourself, below.)

Cheers to great hair in 2019, my friends.

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